Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Song From Mom

Mothers' Day is nearing. Sears is suggesting we buy gifts for all the moms in our life -- sisters, friends, anyone and everyone who has mothered you or your children. It's all about the stuff you get. I'm asking my kids for a different gift -- a little of their time. We're going to hike and have a picnic. I really don't want anything else! I wish I could see my mom! I'm having an orchid corsage sent for her to wear to church Sunday. And we'll talk! We'll leave it at that. I don't know if most moms realize the impact they have on their kids or if most kids are aware of how precious they are to their moms. Let her know Sunday! Let her know every day!

Here's a poem I wrote when my girls were small. Looking at it now I feel fortunate to have had time to spend with them then and even more fortunate that I'll spend time with them this week!

Song From Mom

Is there room for you
In all my clutter?

You shouldn't have to ask!

But when the days busyness clutches me
I neglect my most precious task!

Bring me back my little ones,
To the essence of the day.

And by your side I'll run, I'll dance,
Yes, by your side I'll play!

Linda O'Rourke
April 30, 1992

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