Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nourishment for Webbed Feet

I live in the Pacific Northwest. It's been about twelve years now. I know for a fact that coffee is essential nourishment for the webbed feet. Most of mine is made at home with my French press. The drive through lattes are a special treat, my latte of choice is a tall honey soy latte.
I live in the Pacific Northwest. I try to live my life as eco-friendly as possible. I always have, but it seems the time and place where I live makes it more significant. Once my daughters started school and took their lunches we made an effort to pack them with only reusable items from cloth napkins to Tupperware. The other day at Starbucks Jim and I thought we should have something besides the cardboard sleeve to keep from burning our hands. They are a nice idea, they are recyclable and all, but how many really go into recycling. So when I got home I found all sorts of alternatives online. This one is fun to make. I keep one in my car and one in my purse.
If you're interested in some for yourself or as gifts I am selling them on my etsy:

Even if you don't live in the Pacific Northwest you've got to love coffee or tea or hot cocoa. Or like our precious Em warmed V-8, but that's another story...