Friday, May 16, 2008

What I Want to Leave My Children

My daughters are 19 and 21, my own mother, 90. When I think about my mother's strengths, the sort of role model she has been for me, I wonder what I am leaving my daughters. Most of all, I hope they see is my faith.

I know they have seen me teach Sunday School, go to Bible studies and get the whole family to church, but what I really want them to see is my faith in action. Does God's kindness and compassion show in my daily interactions? Am I able to take the leap of faith when personal doubts and fears prevent action? Do I treat myself like a "signature of the Divine"?

As I enter a new passage if my life, turning 50, sending my youngest off to college, I vow to answer those questions with enthusiasm. And I am excited about the roads an enthusiastic yes will take me down.

Linda <><