Friday, November 25, 2011

Wine (or Beer) Bottle Gift Bag

Just had a request for the directions for these bags, so here goes! They work on a variety of bottle sizes and would be great for a nice oil or vinegar also. I like to add charms for a little something extra!

You will need:
cotton or cotton blend worsted
g hook

Start with an adjustable loop, chain 2 and 10 hdc, slip stitch top chain and chain 2.
2nd row:  2 hdc in each hdc,slip stitch top chain and chain 2.
3rd row: 2 hdc, in first hdc and 1 hdc in second, repeat around and slip stitch top chain and chain 2.
4th row: dc around in back loop only, slip stitch top chain.
5th row: chain 5, skip 3 dc, sc in nest dc around.
For about 15 rows chain 5 and sc in chain 5 space. Then do one row in chain three. 3 sc in 3 chain space and one in the sc around. Use a decorative edge around at this point. I like a reverse sc.

Make a chain of about 20 inches and
add a tassel or curlicue or motif of choice.
 Weave tie though space in net.

There is nothing the needs to be very exact about this pattern. Hopefully it all makes sense.

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Vanessa said...

I learned how to crochet 8 1/2 years ago but never got into it as much as Knitting. I am going to try to make this Not sure what a few things are but thank god for youtube lol... Thank you for posting this :)
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