Thursday, May 28, 2009

House Cleaning Too

Now in our busy world most of us would be more tempted to throw out the weakened, tattered rug and replace it with a new one. Despite our attempts at conservation and recycling we are a throw away society. We buy pretty packages and when we’re through, that’s it. We are not living responsibly in this precious world of ours.

There was a time when folks took care of their possessions. If a sock got a hole, they darned it. We trash it and get new socks. Are we to busy to take care of our belongings? Is twenty-four hours not as long as it used to be?

Well, I think we are called to recycle and conserve God’s gifts, God’s creations. There is no doubt in my mind that our Master’s greatest creation is man. Jesus fills His teachings with tender love for all humans.

So, take time with people. If a person needs help, give it. If a relationship is broken, fix it. If a friend is weakened by this world, give them strength.

We are God’s most precious resource. If we don’t take care of us extinction is certain. We can not be to busy to conserve the human spirit.

Linda O’Rourke
July 26, 1994

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