Sunday, May 31, 2009

For Katie, who is graduating from college in two weeks

The last 17 years have absolutely flown by. Katie, who has always had a love for learning, graduates with a BA in Music Performance June 13Th at 9 AM. This is only the beginning for her. It's hard to describe the well of emotions inside me now, but pride is certainly prominent. I wrote the following on her first day of kindergarten, it's hokey and sappy, but it still makes me smile.

For Katie, Who Started
Kindergarten This Morning

Off you go
To school today.
We packed you up
You're on your way

In kindergarten
All grown up now
Time's gone so fast,
I don't see how.

You were my baby
Just yesterday.
I guess I knew
You wouldn't stay.

But it's rather hard
To see you go.
To just sit back
And watch you grow.

So off you go
To school today
To learn, discover,
And grow and play.

Linda O'Rourke

This is my kindergarten picture. I'm in the first row, sitting, third from the right. What year was that??

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